Live Well GR is based on founder, Amy Byler's never ending journey to finding complete wellness. 

Meet Amy

My name is Amy Byler. I am adopted. I am a child of God. I am a daughter, wife and mother to two amazing little boys; Ethan (3 years old), and Aiden (15 months). I am a physician assistant and get the joy of treating women of all ages and through all stages of life, including pregnancy. One of my favorite things about my job is first assisting with c-sections. Seeing a newborn take their first breath is a miracle to witness every time. My medical career is busy but empowering. We as women are too hard on ourselves and I love being able to lift up others and help them realize they are NOT crazy and that stress and noise break all of us down. We need our faith to fill us up. I am a registered dietitian. I have a passion for health and wellness. I love helping women learn to love their body. 

When I started LiveWellGR I really wanted to focus on health and wellness physically but shame on me for not including spiritual wellness. God is such a huge part of what makes me, well…me. Writing really has provided me with an outlet to connect with God.  I’m able to put down in words what naturally races through my mind and then eventually gets lost. I don’t want to lose the conversations and guidance I find when I meet with the Lord. However I am full of terrible qualities that need so much work. I struggle with business, perfectionism, selfishness, anger, rage, a dirty mouth, jealousy, gossip, frustration, sadness, misunderstanding, finding meaning in this life, work frustrations, greed, comparison, and the list goes on and on. But through it all God reminds me that He makes me new, each day. He can turn me away from my old ways and lead me towards generosity, happiness, joy, peace, kind words, lifting others up, being truly happy for others in their blessings and joy and a comfort for them in their grief and sadness. After meeting with God regularly I find myself craving more of Him because truly nothing has ever made me feel more complete. It is my prayer that my struggles and words can be beneficial if you are lost at times too. My goal with LiveWellGR is to combine physical health and wellness goals alongside spiritual growth. The end goal is for continuous growth and movement towards physical, spiritual and emotional wellness. I will strive for this until my Savior calls me home. 

1 Samuel 16:7 For God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart."

Amy Byler started her career as a registered dietitian in 2006.  She graduated with her masters in medicine in 2010 and practices as a physician assistant focusing in women's health, prenatal through post-partum care and first assists in c-sections in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Her understanding of medicine, nutrition and the way the human body works has led her to start Live Well GR.  Experience has taught her that the human mind and years of bad habits limit so many individuals and without some serious motivation and work many people fail to meet reasonable goals. She has worked with numerous patients and nutrition clients that desire to change their behaviors towards food and exercise; or have specific medical dietary needs. She believes her background has been fundamental to following the path of wellness in her own life and feels compelled to share this knowledge-base and passion for wellness with others.  "I wanted to start a place these individuals and others could access with my motivational thoughts and personal habits that I follow to keep myself in line.  Everyone has good and bad days, which is why I also include my personal stories of everyday life but the overall picture of my health stems around my awareness of what I'm putting into my body and being conscientious to my own bodies physical, spiritual and emotional needs. So many women I see on a regular basis have missed the connection to finding what they need and I love helping people find that spark. Health can change our everyday outlook on life, you know, so when we find it we can really start experiencing life and love others." -Amy Byler

Amy and her Husband, Nathan, enjoy traveling, boating, bicycling, being outdoors and love spending time with family and friends.  Amy and Nathan have two sons, Ethan and Aiden. They also share a love for animals and own a German Shepard named Neiko. Amy's husband owns his own business Elite Masonry MI Inc. 

Educational Background

College or University: Central Michigan University

Degree: BS "Summa Cum Laude" Dietetics

College or University: Western Michigan University

Degree: MS in Medicine, Physician Assistant

Professional Memberships / Certifications:

American Academy of Physicians Assistants

American Dietetic Association

Physician Assistant Licensure through the State of Michigan

Registered Dietitian Certification through the American Dietetic Association