Live Well GR is my journey as a working mama of two boys to share my knowledge and growth to love on people and help you find your happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

My philosophy behind 'Eat to Live. Love what you eat. Love people' is rooted on the basic thought process that food provides our bodies with the necessary nutritional sustenance it needs to survive, while offering a pleasurable experience for our mind and soul. Both are essential for a healthy diet that can be followed for life. Any diet plan that tells you that you have to cut out an entire food group, or just drink shakes for one month, for example, is never going to work long-term because there is no way one can continue this behavior for life.  Why should one be asked to forfeit nutrition for pleasure or vice versa? Food should be enjoyable and an amazing experience with every bite.

Exercise is also very important for the mind and the body. We know that it increases endorphins, which are special brain chemicals that help keep us feeling balanced and happy, but yet we hit snooze when the alarm goes off at 5am to work out.  Why is this? Overall one must find activities that they enjoy so that the behavior will be continued... for life. One must also be giving the body the energy that it needs to continue with a regular exercise regimen.

To live well we must always be striving to be the best version of ourselves. Which for me can only be done through spiritual, emotional, and physical health. I need to meet with God continuously, I need him to fill me so that I can be the best wife to my husband, and mama to my boys. I need him to lead me so that I can have the energy to exercise and the drive to take care of my body which then allows me to be a leader for others. God gave us our body, and it is our duty to take care of it. We need to put him first, always. With God anything is possible!